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How it works

In a few easy steps, you can escape your manual timesheet hell and generate powerful business insights.

1. Collect work activity

Collect work-related activity in the form of digital signals from the tools your employees use to get work done - no additional manual timesheet entries required!

2. Calculate time spent

Automatically calculate time spent per employee based on work activity to find unbilled hours and to generate accurate and timely reports by team, client and more.

3. Link revenue to time

Link revenue from client invoices back to time spent to enable advanced metrics such as effective hourly rate to analyze employee productivity and client profitability.

“This solves a big headache - employees hate filling in timesheets, finance hates chasing them and CEOs/CFOs hate incorrect data.”

OwNer, Management consulting, Sydney, 25 staff
Automatically Calculated Time vs Manually Recorded Time App Screenshot - Tribes.AI

Missing billable hours?
Get accurate timesheets.

One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

Insights for everyone

Empower managers with objective, revenue-based metrics and motivate teams by showing them their revenue contribution.


- Get a bird’s eye view of all team activities
- Lead strategic planning with accurate data
- Monitor business goals with timely insights
- Understand revenue impact of salary costs

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- Get error-free timesheets every week
- Produce accurate estimates for clients
- Monitor team productivity & workload
- Identify, motivate & retain key talent

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- Never complete a timesheet ever again
- Get recognition for revenue contribution
- Monitor your work-life balance & overtime
- Prioritze your work to maximize revenue 

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Lost revenue

Professional service businesses across the USA, the UK and Australia are losing 22% of billable time worth USD 51,000 per employee per year on average due to inaccurate manual timesheets.

Built on experience

Built by data analytics experts who understand professional services from experience.

Built on experiences - Tribes.AI

We created Tribes.AI after our experience of starting and growing Datalicious, a data science consulting firm.

Our team was cohesive and worked well, but as we grew some things became challenging for us! We managed and were successful, but we always felt there should have been a smarter, more data-driven way to manage our business, especially considering our skillset ... read more.

“Employees love making money for the company. They want to see how they are contributing - it's very motivational for them.”

CEO, Software Development, Singapore, 32 staff
Automatically Calculated Time vs Manually Recorded Time App Screenshot - Tribes.AI

Effective hourly rate unknown?
Attribute revenue to time.

One-click setup, no desktop installs.