Insights Driving Action At All Levels


• Accurate & timely data to power decision making
• Develop strategies & track implementation


• Monitor client & team performance
• Identify, motivate & retain key talent
• Find & optimize time consuming processes


• Prioritize clients & tasks based on revenue
• View individual contribution (highly motivational)

Workplace Analytics That Drives Revenue


Collecting Team Signals

Collecting team activity in form of digital signals produced by employees while using any of the major cloud productivity platforms at work.

Calculating Time Spent

Automatically calculating time spent per event & aggregating the data by employee, team, client, etc to eliminate human error from manual time tracking.


Linking Time To Revenue

Collecting revenue from invoices & linking it back to related events to provide revenue based metrics as a common, intuitive & transparent goal to teams.

Engaging The Team

Enabling the entire team to explore & discuss the data & resulting insights to stimulate an open & rewarding yet accountable workplace culture.

  • “This solves a big headache - employees hate filling in timesheets, finance hates chasing them and CFOs hate incorrect data.” - Owner, Management Consulting

  • “Employees love making money for the company. They want to see how they are contributing - very motivational.” - CEO, SaaS Software

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