Our story

We’re Chris & Elly and we created Tribes.AI after our experience from starting and growing Datalicious, a data science agency specializing in marketing attribution and analytics. Our team was cohesive and worked well as a group of 10, but as we grew to 50+ staff across Asia Pacific, it became challenging for us to:

  • Get the team to fill in their timesheets accurately and on time so we could
  • Understand what tasks were being worked on and if they were prioritized right to
  • Deliver an outstanding service experience to clients while boosting profits.
  • We also struggled with effective resource planning and forecasting to help us
  • Manage workloads and maintain a healthy work life balance for our team to
  • Provide a happy and productive workplace that helps retain talent.

We did manage and were successful, but we always felt we were too reactive and there should have been a smarter, more proactive and data-driven way to manage our business, especially considering our skillset!

Our vision

 We use data to turn businesses into tribes by creating a healthier, more rewarding workplace culture while increasing efficiency and productivity for managers and business owners.

Turning businesses into tribes - Tribes.AI

Building an agile tribe means empowering employees to take action on their own to reach defined business goals. Employees need to trust in the goals set by managers and business owners and understand how their individual efforts impact them. Managers on the other hand, need to trust how employees decide to spend their time to reach the defined goals.

How better to create this trust than through transparency? This is what Tribes.AI does. 

Read more about our vision.

Meet The Team

~20 years experience building startups & SaaS products incl. Datalicious exit to Equifax in ’17

~20 years experience managing professional service teams in the advertising industry

~10 years experience in full-stack development & leader for data engineering team.

~30 years experience in IT & data science including CTO & other executive level positions.

Automatically Calculated Time vs Manually Recorded Time App Screenshot - Tribes.AI

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