Features for Successful Managers and Productive Staff

With a single Tribes.AI account, your team will have more time to focus on the tasks that matter most, generate more revenue, and drive company growth.

One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

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How It Works

In a few easy steps, you can escape your manual timesheet hell and generate smarter business insights.

1 - Collecting Team Signals-Tribes.AI
1. Collect Work Activity

Collect work related activity in the form of digital events produced by employees while they use your existing productivity platforms with one click and while protecting privacy.

2 - Calculating Time Spent-Tribes.AI
2. Calculate Time Spent

Automatically calculate time spent per employee and aggregate the data by team, client, industry, etc to eliminate human error from time tracking and find unbilled hours.

3 - Linking Time To Revenue visual-1
3. Link Time To Revenue

Link revenue from invoices back to work activity and time spent to provide smarter revenue based productivity metrics such as effective hourly rate and billable utilization.

4 - Engaging The Team-Tribes.AI
4. Engage The Team

Share the insights with your entire team to stimulate an open and rewarding yet accountable workplace culture while protecting privacy and sensitive data.

A Single Dashboard for Managers to Drive Profitable Teams

Find Unbilled Time & Recover Lost Revenue-Tribe.AI

Find Unbilled Time & Recover Lost Revenue

Automated time tracking provides you with an accurate summary of hours worked—helping you to block leakages and bill clients accurately.

Find Time Well Spent & Drive Profitable Activities-Tribes.AI

Find Time Well Spent & Drive Profitable Activities

Get insights on the clients & tasks that drive the most revenue within the business, and optimize your resources to maximize revenue growth.

Instantly Categorize Reports with Existing Taxonomy-Tribes.AI

Instantly Categorize Reports with Existing Taxonomy

Say goodbye to messy timesheet reports and manual sorting. Tribes.AI will automatically match time spent per employee to tasks, projects, and clients using familiar tags and labels. 

Drive Action with Historical Insights-Tribes.AI

Drive Action with Historical Insights

Put your team's historic work data to good use. Compare historical performance data across employees and teams to guide your planning and strategy. 

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Inaccurate time tracking?
Get activity-based timesheets.

One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

“Our staff spend about 5% of their time on timesheets - that’s $50k per month or $600k per year in lost productivity right there.”

Senior Manager, Information Technology

An Automated Time Tracking Solution to Help Staff Make Every Minute Count

Work Smarter & Find Unbilled Time-Tribes.AI

Work Smarter & Find Unbilled Time

Don’t waste another hour filling in timesheets. With Tribes.AI you can become more productive and track 100% of your tasks efficiently and accurately.

Make Your Work Count Towards the Bottom Line-Tribes.AI

Make Your Work Count Towards the Bottom Line 

How much revenue do you as an individual contribute to the business? Discover your most profitable tasks and optimize your time to help drive profitability.

Get Automated Data Stories & Alerts-Tribes.AI

Get Automated Data Stories & Alerts

With metrics covering hours, days, and even tasks, you can receive timely alerts on the performance metrics and insights that matter to you

Track Work Across Devices With a Single Account-Tribes.AI

Track Work Across Devices With a Single Account 

Keep your devices lighter and running faster. Tribes.AI does not require any app install so it can seamlessly keep tabs on work when you switch devices. 

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Painful manual timesheets?
Get activity-based time tracking

One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

“This would solve a big headache. Literally every agency I've worked with has struggled to get people to fill in timesheets - employees hate doing it, finance people hate chasing staff and CFOs hate incorrect data.”

Owner, Management Consulting

Data Privacy & Security

Given that data is integral to what we do at Tribes.AI, we have implemented measures to ensure that our clients' data is safe, and that they are not exposed in the least to the risk of unauthorized access or data corruption. Here's how we do that:

Metadata stored only-Tribes.AI

Metadata stored only

We know an event happened but not what it was about. For example, we don't store any text from the body of emails.

Client data not mixed-Tribes.AI

Client data not mixed

Data for each client is stored separately to ensure data never gets mixed-up

Data limited to work platforms-Tribes.AI

Data limited to work platforms

We can only see work events on work platforms, not when you browse to Facebook on your laptop or Instagram on your mobile device.

Limited access to sensitive data-Tribes.AI

Limited access to sensitive data

You and your manager can see your data but the CEO or HR cannot.

Personal data encrypted at rest-Tribes.AI

Personal data encrypted at rest

Any PII (personally identifiable information, i.e. name, email, phone etc.) is encrypted at all times.

Choose your hosting location-Tribes.AI

Choose your hosting location

Your data is stored in your region and protected by your regional privacy laws: EU, US and Australia.

Google Cloud hosting-Tribes.AI

Google Cloud hosting

All data is hosted in Google Cloud, which supports the latest cloud security standards (SOC 2, ISO-27001).

Integrate Your Team's
Everyday Tools

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Missing billable hours?
Get accurate timesheets.

One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do employees have to do to get plugged in?

Individual employees do not have to worry about installing or keeping track of Tribes.AI’s activities. Tribes.AI only requires API access from platform admins, and the one time exercise connects all your employees, including new hires.

What reports can you produce with the data from the systems our teams use?

Tribes.AI has BI capabilities similar to tableau, letting you create and combine a ton of reports. Tribes.AI reports provide metrics that cover minutes, revenue, work logs, and response time across projects, clients, employees, employee groups, etc. However, you decide which reports are useful to your teams.

Does Tribes.AI allow integration with other time tracking tools?

Absolutely. We want teams to be at their best, allowing them to join with all the tools they already use. Tribes.AI integrates seamlessly with time tracking tools such as Clockify, Deputy, Harvest, Tempo, and Tsheets.

Can users edit Tribes.AI time estimates?

Tribes.AI’s time estimates are automatically calculated and may not be modified. Since Tribes.AI’s time estimates are entirely reliable, users may adopt it as their primary time tracking solution or use it for auditing manual timesheets.

Can Tribes.AI track multiple activities at the same time?

Certainly, Tribes.AI has powerful time tracking capabilities. It can track as many digital work activities as possible for as many employees, teams, and devices as there are.