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A survey of 1,000+ professional services managers across the USA, the UK, and Australia covering timesheets accuracy, hourly rates, billable utilization rates, and more.

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Report highlights


Billable hours not recorded due to inaccurate manual timesheets

USD 51,000

Revenue lost per employee per year across the USA, the UK and Australia


Managers believe accurate timesheets = increased revenue 

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Timesheets insights

  • The vast majority of professional services managers (90.5%) say accurate timesheets would drive more revenue. 

  • The average professional service firm loses roughly USD 51,000 per employee per year because of inaccurate timesheets.

  • At an average 71% billable utilization rate, businesses can't  invoice over a quarter of their total work. 

Industry figures

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Legal Services professionals in Australia lose more than 1 in 4 billable hours

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USD 302

Senior Software & IT professionals report the highest average hourly rates in the USA  

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Consulting & Accounting has one of the highest billable utilization rates in the UK

Industries & countries covered

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Advertising & Marketing
Banking & Insurance
Construction & Design
Consulting & Accounting
Lawyers & Legal Services
Photography & Film
Real Estate (B2C, B2B)
Software, IT, & Support
Website & Hosting
Other Professional Services
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The United States of America
The United Kingdom

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