This is our first major release since our launch in April 2022. In this release, we've fixed bugs, improved existing features and added new features to make Tribes.AI work even better for your team.

New Features

  • New Timesheets Page: Presents estimated hours for each employee in a smart table that lets you find hot spots at a glance. Use this as a quick reference to see how your team members are tracking each week.

    Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 15.12.34
  • Browser Extension: We’ve built Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions to allow teams track their time in web browsers — across web-based platforms and for browser-based tasks. Now time spent across any different web-based platform counts! And to reiterate our 100% commitment to employee privacy - the browser extension tracks and reports time for platforms and websites that employees allow it to. Employees have full control of this tracking function.

    Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 15.41.06

Feature Improvements

  • Estimated Hours by Activity: We’ve made estimated weekly hours even more granular, letting you break down the hours your employees worked by activity; meetings, email communication, file operations, etc. So now you can find out how your team’s hours are distributed across work activities.

    Employee hours by activity (Tribes.AI)

Bug Fixes

  • We have improved how employee activities are matched to clients. Now if there’s an employee activity attributable to more than one domain or subdomain  (think vs, we analyze other related work activities (e.g emails) and allocate it to the most engaged client domain/subdomain. For example, time spent on will show up just as that, but will be matched to Tribes.AI — as against

What Else Is Coming?

  • Improved Time Tracking for Emails: We’re improving how we track the hours for an activity that reportedly takes up over a fourth of the average worker’s day; email communication. We’re now working on allocating hours to the day a user opens and interacts with an email — rather than the day it arrived in their inbox. While there may not be much of a difference in estimated weekly hours, there will definitely be accuracy gain for daily hours estimates. 
  • Improved Activity Capturing: We’re enhancing the algorithms that pick up digital activity signals across your tools so that only human-triggered activities count as work. Now when calculating hours worked, Tribes.AI can detect and drop activities like document auto-saves, email auto-responses, and page auto-reloads.

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