Automate Time Tracking Across Your Everyday Digital Tools

Get real-time, accurate timesheets data across tools your team uses to get work done. Instantly connect popular tools and request custom integrations in a few clicks.

One-click setup, no desktop installs.


Productivity & Work Suite

Connect your team’s everyday productivity tools, such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, to track activity across emails, document creation and editing, file sharing, meetings, and calendar events.


Collaboration & Communication

Effectively track your remote team’s communication on tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Get insights into the collaboration pattern within and across your teams


Project Management

Get accurate estimates for time spent managing the bits and pieces of your team's projects. From the big projects to in-house initiatives, Tribes.AI integrates with your project management tools to track every minute. 


Accounting & Invoicing

Uncover profitability on a per-project basis. Integrate Tribes.AI with your accounting and invoicing tools to pull revenue data and attribute revenue to time spent.


Sales, Marketing & CRM

Track time across the tools that drive your team’s sales, marketing, and customer support services. Find out how much time your team spends on the essential aspects of your business.


Browser Extensions

With a browser extension that tracks your team's work across relevant websites and web-based applications, your timesheets data just got more accurate and comprehensive.

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Missing billable hours?
Get accurate timesheets.

One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

What About Data Security and Privacy?

Because data is integral to what we do, we put the security and privacy of customers’ data at the forefront in all the decisions we make. We go to great lengths to ensure that the data we collect across each client’s platforms are securely encrypted and warehoused separately.

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Billable utilization unknown?
Attribute revenue to time.

One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do employees have to do to get plugged in?

Individual employees do not have to worry about installing or keeping track of Tribes.AI’s activities. Tribes.AI only requires API access from platform admins, and the one time exercise connects all your employees, including new hires.

What reports can you produce with the data from the systems our teams use?

Tribes.AI has BI capabilities similar to Tableau, letting you create and combine a ton of reports. Tribes.AI reports provide metrics that cover minutes, revenue, work logs, and response time across projects, clients, employees, employee groups, etc. However, you decide which reports are useful to your teams.

Does Tribes.AI allow integration with other time tracking tools?

Absolutely. We want your teams to be at their best, allowing them to join with all the tools they already use. Tribes.AI integrates seamlessly with time tracking tools such as Clockify, Deputy, Harvest, Tempo, and Tsheets.

Can users edit Tribes.AI time estimates?

Tribes.AI’s time estimates are automatically calculated and may not be modified. Since Tribes.AI’s time estimates are entirely reliable, you may adopt it as your primary time tracking solution or use it for auditing manual timesheets.

Can Tribes.AI track multiple activities at the same time?

Certainly, Tribes.AI has powerful time tracking capabilities. It can track as many digital work activities as possible for as many employees, teams, and devices as there are.