We protect employee privacy in 5 ways


1. Data limited to work platforms

We can only see work events on work platforms, not when you browse to Facebook on your laptop or Instagram on your mobile device

2. Metadata stored only

We know an event happened but not what it was about. For example, we don't store any text from the body of emails.


3. Limited access to sensitive data

You and your manager can see your data but the CEO or HR cannot.

4. Personal data encrypted at rest

Any PII (personally identifiable information, i.e. name, email, phone etc) is encrypted at all times


5. Choose your hosting location

Your data is stored in your region and protected by your regional privacy laws, i.e. global map with 3 locations: EU, US and Australia

  • “Employees love making money for the company. They want to see how they are contributing - very motivational.”

  • “This solves a big headache - employees hate filling in timesheets, finance hates chasing them and CFOs hate incorrect data.”

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