Missing timesheet data?
Get automated time tracking.

Automated activity-based time tracking captures 20-30% more billable hours and takes away all the manual timesheet headaches for you and your team.


One-click setup, no desktop installs.

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Timesheets made easy

In just a few steps, you can escape your manual timesheet hell and generate smarter business insights.

1 - Collecting Team Signals-Tribes.AI

1. Collect work activity from your existing productivity platforms with one click.

2 - Calculating Time Spent-Tribes.AI

2. Automatically calculate time spent per employee to eliminate human error.

3 - Linking Time To Revenue visual-1

3. Link revenue back to work activity and time spent to get smarter productivity metrics.

Smart next-gen time tracking

Say goodbye to manual timesheets and upgrade to fully automated activity-based time tracking.


Accurate data - on time, every time

Get accurate timesheets on time every week and never again worry about chasing your team or making critical business decisions and invoicing clients based on inaccurate data.

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Find Time Spent Well-Tribes.AI

Record more hours to boost revenue

Manual timesheets often miss hours because employees hate them, only do it once a week or never, and often forget about smaller tasks - we completely automate this process to find more billable hours.

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Instantly Categorize Reports with Existing Taxonomy-Tribes.AI

Auto-classify time for better reports

Not only do employees miss hours but they also frequently allocate them incorrectly - we automatically match time spent to the right clients as well as enhance your reports with additional industry classifications.

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Identify historic trends from day one

Chart your data over time to identify major business trends impacting your clients and teams - and do so retrospectively with your own historical data as soon as you sign-up.

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Protect employee privacy

We protect employee privacy by only analysing work related activity from platforms used at work. In addition, we only capture event metadata and do not store any sensitive information such as actual email texts.

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Professional service businesses across the USA, the UK and Australia are losing USD 51,000 revenue per employee per year because of unrecorded billable time.

Built on experience

Built by data analytics experts that understand professional services from experience.


We created Tribes.AI after our experience of starting and growing a data science consulting firm called Datalicious.

Our team was cohesive and worked well but as we grew some things became challenging for us! We managed and were successful but we always felt there should have been a smarter more data-driven way to manage our business, especially considering our skillset ... read more.

“This solves a big headache - employees hate filling in timesheets, finance hates chasing them and CEOs/CFOs hate incorrect data.”

OwNer, Management consulting
Application screenshot Tribes-AI

Underbilling your clients?
Get smart automated timesheets

One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

Frequently asked questions

Does Tribes.AI take screenshots or provide any other proof of work?

At Tribes.AI, we believe that proof of work should ultimately be employees’ output and not some no-context screenshots. Talents at high trust companies have been found to be 50% more productive than their micromanaged counterparts.

What happens when an employee forgets to clock in?

Employees don’t have to manually clock in because tracking is automatic. Whether they're within their core working hours or cracking some midnight nuts, Tribes.AI tracks and records every second of activity.

Can I generate reports by category, e.g., per employee, client, and project?

Absolutely. You can generate reports and graphical illustrations that reveal intuitive time estimates for each employee, project, and client. This saves you the headache of manually sorting time estimate data