Client profitability unknown? 
Link revenue to time spent. 

Let the data show you where to invest your team's efforts and empower your employees to make smarter decisions and focus on what really matters — revenue.


One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

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Automated revenue attribution

In just a few easy steps, you can accurately calculate time spent by teams and link it to client invoices.

1 - Collecting Team Signals-Tribes.AI

1. Collect work activity from your existing productivity platforms with one click.

2 - Calculating Time Spent-Tribes.AI

2. Automatically calculate time spent per employee to eliminate human error.

3 - Linking Time To Revenue visual-1

3. Link revenue back to work activity and time spent to get smarter productivity metrics.

Smart timesheets linked to revenue

Say goodbye to inaccurate reports and upgrade to fully automated time tracking with revenue attribution.


Find the biggest revenue drivers

Understand what clients are helping or harming revenue so you can prioritize resources more effectively and increase overall profitability using smart metrics such as effective hourly rate. 

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Limited access to sensitive data

Identify and recognize key talent

Find the teams and employees that really drive revenue  for the business - not just the salespeople - so you can recognize their contribution, reward them adequately and retain them long-term.

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Set Shared and Transparent Team Goals-Tribes.AI

Set tangible measurable team goals

Setting effective KPIs is hard enough but measuring them is even harder - what if revenue could be the single tangible team goal and contribution would be measured automatically? 

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Identify historic trends from day one

Chart your data over time to identify major business trends impacting your clients and teams - and do so retrospectively with your own historical data as soon as you sign-up.

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Protect employee privacy

We protect employee privacy by only analysing work related activity from platforms used at work. In addition, we only capture event metadata and do not store any sensitive information such as actual email texts.

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53% of managers in professional services cannot link time spent by their teams to actual client revenue earned - leading to uncertainty about client profitability and ineffective resource allocation.

Built on experience

Built by data analytics experts that understand professional services from experience.

We created Tribes.AI after our experience of starting and growing a data science consulting firm called Datalicious.

Our team was cohesive and worked well but as we grew some things became challenging for us! We managed and were successful but we always felt there should have been a smarter more data-driven way to manage our business, especially considering our skillset ... read more.

“Employees love making money for the company. They want to see their contribution - it's very motivational for them.”

CEO, SaaS Software
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Reports not actionable?
Link timesheets to revenue.

One-click setup, no desktop installs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tribes.AI obtain revenue data?

Tribes.AI provides secure integration with invoicing and accounting solutions such as QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks. This feature enables Tribes.AI to seamlessly and accurately match relevant employee activities to project and client invoices.

Does every employee see company-wide revenue figures?

Definitely not. Organizations will choose top-level users, such as managers and senior executives, who may have access to such sensitive information. These top-level users will have to approve what employees see—and what they do not.

What additional features does Tribes.AI have?

Tribes also offers fully-automated time tracking which combines to make a next-generation productivity tool suitable for teams and managers.